Making the most of our heritage

Hope MacDougall Collection on tour

Hope MacDougall Collection on tour, exhibition designed by Lynn Vesco.

Ergadia provides a whole range of services for the museums and heritage sector in Scotland, covering pretty much everything – from supporting funding applications to community consultation, designing exhibitions and guidebooks or delivering learning workshops.

Our key specialism is independent museums and community projects, and a big part of our work is helping communities to buy and run their local heritage assets. We really understand small budgets, volunteers, and the need to train and mentor organisations as we go, supporting their sustainability for the future.

We are all freelance practitioners with a passion for heritage, and are widely spread geographically from Edinburgh to Argyll, and north to Aberdeenshire. We are busy and expanding, and are now a heritage social enterprise. This reflects our mission to not only provide services to communities and their heritage, but also help get projects off the ground. We take the view that everything has to start from somewhere.

Our team is growing, with three directors and a host of associates. As ever they are a  superb group of people who come together to meet the widely varying needs of museums and community heritage in Scotland.