Hope MacDougall Collection on tour

Ergadia is changing as the heritage world around us is changing.

We have always been about community, and during 2020 our team stepped aside from our paid work to help independent organisations bring their museums and heritage sites through the challenges of lockdown. We are now helping them to look forward and find new, sustainable ways to manage their own heritage more effectively. What will this look like? Well if we had a crystal ball…

Some things we do know: funding changed radically during lockdown, and is unlikely to return to its previous format. More independent museums have entered the mainstream, and community heritage projects have never been valued more highly than now. Digital opportunities abound. People are desperate to connect, travel, see, understand, experience. 

We can still do what we did – supporting funding applications, community consultation, designing exhibitions, delivering learning workshops and the rest. But we will also do new things. Watch this space.

As we expand our horizons we have loosened our structure but are still ‘the team’ – freelance practitioners with a passion for heritage who can be bolted onto your project however you need it to be done. 

These are worrying times for everyone. You can hide fearfully, or take bold steps. Our motto is most definitely feel the fear but do it anyway.