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Riotous school session on medieval battle at Abbot House, Dunfermline.


Primary Schools

The focus is all about active learning, getting hands-on with a whole range of themes. We take a wide view of history, exploring the way things were made and how life was lived as a route to understanding a period in time.

While nesting within social studies, these workshops often stray across the curriculum into science and even maths – how else to explain how ink was made in medieval times, or what it took to feed Bruce’s army?

They are delivered with one eye firmly on the Curriculum for Excellence from P1 to S3, and the other on sheer fun. The format for the workshops is flexible, as often as not delivered equally well outside in the school grounds as in the classroom. Likewise the themes can be tailored to suit your needs.

The full list of Primary School workshops can be found here, or get in touch if you would like a bespoke session.


Secondary Schools

Is culture a luxury? Who needs history? We bring our experience of working with community heritage into the classroom to provoke discussions about the place of cultural heritage in our society, and what happens when it is under threat or lost altogether – for example in the Cultural Revolution or through iconoclasm stemming from political regimes.

Our workshops take the form of noisy debates, and encourage young people to expand their thinking around supposedly ‘soft’ subjects like history and art.

Please get in touch if you would like to book us or discuss the workshops further.


Community heritage workshops

Many of the skills explored in the schools workshops lend themselves well to community events and adult sessions. Get in touch if you want to discuss booking a workshop, or perhaps want a demonstration at an event. Spinning, dyeing, and butter-making are always popular.


Talks and lectures

Catherine Gillies has been on the ‘talks circuit’ for many years, for local history societies, SWRIs, National Trust for Scotland groups and many others. She is always happy to come and talk about aspects of Scottish history, and is quite used to being a last minute speaker when someone drops out!