Fire and Light

In medieval times, a large part of the day would be spent attend
ing to the business of keeping warm and being able to see in the dark – things we all take for granted now. It all centred around fire, and didn’t change for thousands of years.

The Fire and Light workshop explores the ways people heated, cooked in, and lit their Peat firehomes, whether it was a castle or a turf-house. The challenges, the work, the smells, the dangers, a
nd the impact on our landscape

are all part of the story.

For the adventurous school (and those lucky enough to have grounds), we can build a peat fire and spend the session outside making lamps, before cosying up around the fire for a story. The workshop can also go inside, but there still has to be room for DSC_0140 copysome adventure – there will be a naked flame, but always well controlled in the hands of the workshop leader.

Whether your school is in Fife, the Lothians, or in any of the upland areas, you will have a different story about fir
e and light.

In this workshop we will:

  • DSC_0138Make rush-lights in the way children have done down the millennia.
  • Make clay lamps and learn about the different oils that were used.
  • Learn about how fire was started before we had matches.
  • Think about fuel, and how our landscape has been shaped by it.
  • Talk about the importance of fire and light and how it ruled people’s daily lives.

Time and Money

This session takes a minimum of 2 hours, and is ideally suited to either a full morning or afternoon. All materials are included in the cost of £100.